The college campus has long offered students a place for community, identity, and engagement. It’s where they go to make and meet friends, take part in meaningful extracurricular activities… and, of course, acquire the knowledge and skills they need for future success.
Though this type of activity continues to thrive on campuses across the country, many institutions recognize the challenge of replicating this experience for their online students. Given the strong connection of community to student engagement and retention, these institutions also recognize the need to provide these students with this kind of collaborative, engaging space.

To support achievement of this important goal, Cengage Learning has partnered with Harrison College to bring the KnowU online learning environment to career schools and higher education institutions.

Designed to create a sense of community for online learners, KnowU provides a space that motivates and engages online learners through collaboration. The site’s rich selection of courses and resources support students’ drive to learn and succeed, while its colorful, social-media-friendly design inspires engagement and interaction.

KnowU is centered around three core components:  Learning, Community and Support.

  • Learning – The site helps individuals to better understand themselves as students, and makes recommendations for resources based on student preferences.
  • Community – Students can connect with others who have similar interests, backgrounds and majors.
  • Support – Students can access live, online, or chat support related to their courses, future profession, or education-related topics such as financial aid. Word Clouds display topics most frequently accessed by students, allowing them to get support with a single click.


For more information about KnowU, read our announcement: Harrison College and Cengage Learning Partner to Help More Online Learners Achieve Their Learning Goals


To set up a demo of KnowU, contact your Cengage Learning Business Development Director.