This week, our team at Questia, the online research and writing tool for college students and valued part of Cengage Learning, announced the launch of a browser extension aimed to streamline your students’ research process.

The extension, called “Questia Research Tools” in the Chrome Web Store, is a capture tool that allows members to save and cite research from the Questia library of over 83,000 books and 10 million articles as well as from any book or article, online or in print.

Student research made easy

The extension integrates Questia’s helpful project folders and citation and note-taking tools, all right from the browser bar. Students no longer need to juggle different research applications–saving them time and making it easier to accurately cite all of their sources.

This means your students can spend more time learning and less time sorting through piles of messy notes. (And you’ll spend less time worrying about plagiarism since this tool makes it so easy for students to cite and build bibliographies!)

The “Questia Research Tools” extension allows your students to:

  • Cite an entire page of an online book or a specific passage from an article, and save it in MLA, APA, or Chicago style
  • Quickly take notes on any book or article and save them to project folders on Questia
  • Automatically generate a bibliography using references from the Questia Library and external sources
  • Bookmark online sources for fast retrieval
Questia Research Tool

Easily cite online resources and passages


Integrating with Questia’s pre-existing Writing Center, the extension tool provides many solutions to common pain points instructors and students experience.

This new tool keeps all research under one roof—allowing for easy access and organization, leveraging Questia’s popular citation and bibliography tools, and integrating Questia’s thesis starter and outline starter tools.

Questia’s extension is an easily accessible, convenient way to get the most out of students’ research time. Students can visit the Chrome Web Store to download the “Questia Research Tools” extension today.