Cengage Learning White PapersOur research-based white papers illustrate the impact that current teaching strategies and technologies have on today’s educators and learners. Download one today, and discover how today’s best tools and techniques can benefit you and your institution.

Aplia Improves Learning in Management Courses

A survey of principles of management instructors to assess the impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on the engagement and learning of students enrolled in management courses and on the satisfaction of instructors with the use of Aplia.

Improving Student Economics Skills With Digital Learning Tools: A Study of the Impact of Aplia on Student Learning

This comprehensive research study examines one of the most widely used digital tools in post-secondary education, Cengage Learning’s Aplia, an online learning solution dedicated to improving student learning by increasing student effort and engagement.

A Study of the Impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on Student Learning in Developmental English 

According to the research study for this paper, students in developmental reading and writing courses using Aplia learned significantly more than students using the same textbooks without Aplia.

Aplia: Engaging Preparing and Educating Learners

Student success is measured by both exam scores and homework. Research shows that a dynamic, customized homework solution helps students through their biggest learning challenges, resulting in higher engagement and better grades.

Aplia Improves Learning in Developmental Reading

This white paper focuses on a study of Aplia’s effectiveness in developmental reading and writing classes. The primary goal of the study was to determine the extent to which Aplia users learned more than a control group of users who used the same textbook but without the benefit of Aplia.

The Impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on Student Learning: A Focus on Developmental Writing

This paper presents research findings particular to the study and teaching of developmental writing. Full study results are available here (“A Study of the Impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on Student Learning in Developmental English”).

A study on the Impact of Cengage Learning’’s CengageNOW in Accounting

The findings from this efficacy study show that students using CengageNOW had significantly higher grades compared with those who used the same textbook without CNOW.

Cengage Learning
A Frontline Look at Phi Theta Kappans’ Goals, Challenges, and Habits

In this white paper, you will read the results of the study and gain insight into these students’ goals, challenges, and habits.

The Road to the National Center of Academic Excellence Designation

Readers will find information that helps the understand the application process, select teaching resources, map curriculum to the current curriculum standards, and be poised to meet the general National CAE (NCAE) IA/CD criteria.

Community Colleges Are Successfully Reinventing Their Mission

Community colleges have realized a resurgence of interest among learners of all ages, educational backgrounds, skill levels and goals.

Students’ New Reality: Saving for Four Years is Not Enough

A survey of 5,300 students reveals how students are handling the new reality of college life – from additional years to mounting student debt.

Voice of the Employer in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing, Insurance, and Coding

A team from Cengage Learning interviewed a total of seventeen employers to gather an understanding of the importance of soft skills, certifications and medical knowledge.

Enhanced WebAssign® (EWA)
Closing the Gap to Conceptual Understanding

In an effort to better understand the needs and challenges of Physics instructors, Cengage Learning conducted research with attendees of the 2015 American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) conference.

Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) Results in Higher Engagement and Improved Learning in Developmental Math

This study shows that using EWA in developmental math courses increases learning and engagement when compared to similar classes not using EWA.

From Print to Digital, from Library to Classroom: Using Gale Resources to Support Student Learning and Skill Development

The results from this study provide valuable new insights as K-12 leaders, in both public as well as independent schools, continue to explore how to best leverage digital resources to support student learning, especially in terms of helping students develop college and career ready skills.

Positively Impacting Student Achievement: Studying the Effects of Library Resources in the Classroom

When students need reference content to complete their assignment, can you help them find relevant, credible information? In this paper, see how integrating Cengage Learning’s library resources enhanced and expanded the in-class experience for students and teachers alike.

Read It, Watch It, Listen to It — Gale It!

How would incorporating accredited digital resources from Gale into a high school classroom affect students and teachers? In this white paper, we’ll review the results and conclusions of a two-year study completed at McKinley Tech High School with Project Tomorrow.

InSite™ Leads to Improved Writing Skills

This study examined the effectiveness of a Cengage Learning post-secondary digital instructional tool, InSite for Composition, an online learning solution dedicated to improving students’ written communication skills.

MindLinks White Paper (The New Rules of LMS Content Integration)

See how some publishers are leveraging LMS standards to provide instructors with the ability to customize content and achieve gradebook integration within the LMS.

Better Engagement, Better Outcomes—MindTap® Proves Its Impact in the Humanities and Social Sciences

In this white paper, you can read more about the results of numerous studies, which show that students who use MindTap earn higher grades than those who do not.

Future Health Professionals Give MindTap a “Thumbs Up” as an Engaging Learning Tool

Each year, Cengage Learning exhibits at the National Leadership Conference hosted by HOSA-Future Health Professionals. HOSA’s mission is to provide health science education students with opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development. Learn how Cengage Learning is driving the organization’s mission to advance health science education.

An Ounce of Prevention: Assessment and engagement data and early identification of at-risk students

This paper presents our assessment and outcomes evaluation program and how it is tied to the engagement tracking in order to identify students at high risk for DFW. It discusses both the potential use of this information for program evaluation and early intervention and the challenges that face implementation.

Addressing the Needs of Health Care Students and Instructors

To better understand the challenges facing career college health care instructors and their students, Cengage Learning’s market research team interviewed instructors at the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools conference in February 2015.

With Digital Learning Solutions, Assignments Matter

This white paper will examine a semester-long study of instructors using MindTap as well as individual stories of instructors successfully implementing digital learning solutions in their respective courses.

Student Learning Improves Significantly with MindTap

Students in classes using MindTap achieved significantly higher psychology post-test scores than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap. All participating instructors felt that MindTap contributed to student learning and to enhancing students’ critical thinking skills.

MindTap Supports Course Customization and Sparks Engagement in Softside Disciplines

This white paper summarizes a research study as well as the individual experiences of instructors who have found MindTap to be an effective source of time-saving customization tools as well as features and content that promote better student outcomes.

Engaging Students with MindTap Leads to Success

Students using MindTap in psychology courses showed significantly greater growth in psychology knowledge and skills than students who did not use MindTap but did support their learning with other digital tools.

Rich Digital Primary Source Sets and Intuitive Courseware Increase Student Engagement and Outcomes in U.S. History

Students in U.S. History classes using MindTap achieved significantly better course grades than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap. All instructors who used the Progress Report felt that it helped them understand students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Increasing Student Learning and Engagement with MindTap for Economics

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2013 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester.

Flipping the Classroom in Medical Assisting Programs Leads to Increased Student Engagement

Research shows that instructors are challenged by teaching to a wide spectrum of student abilities as well as teaching basic professionalism skills.

MindTap and Competency-Based Learning/Education (CBL/CBE)

This paper discusses how Cengage Learning’s MindTap™ can make it easier for instructors to move students successfully through a competency-based learning program to higher levels of knowledge and skills.

The Use of Digital Learning Solutions for English Composition

Students who lack basic skills benefit from multi-modal instruction, while instructors need simple resources to efficiently manage a variety of activity and presentation tools.

First-time MindTap Users Share Best Practices

This white paper presents key findings from a semester-long journaling project with college students and instructors.

Efficacy of Online Learning Solutions in Introductory Psychology Courses

This report highlights the results of an efficacy study of the impact of using online learning solutions within entry-level college psychology courses.

Beyond eTextbooks White Paper: The Advantages of Integrated Course Solutions

This white paper discusses the pros and cons of eTextbook formats, and concludes with a list of what to look for when choosing a provider of integrated course solutions.

Increasing Student Learning Outcomes with MindTap

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2012 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester.

MindTap: Tapping Into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning

Professors are looking for tools that allow them to better engage with learners while making effective and efficient use of their in- and out-of-class time. This white paper illustrates, via research, how MindTap targets those specific areas.

Efficacy of Online Web Learning (OWL) in Chemistry Courses

This internal report highlights the results of an efficacy study conducted in spring 2013 of the impact of using Cengage Learning’s Online Web Learning (OWL) product within college chemistry courses.

Efficacy of SAM Projects in Intro to Computing Courses

To gain an understanding as to how these types of digital tools can improve outcomes in real classroom settings, Project Tomorrow collaborated with Cengage Learning to evaluate the efficacy of the use of SAM online projects within Microsoft applications courses during the spring semester of 2014.

Skills Assessment Manager (SAM): Personalization, Productivity & Preparation to Increase Student Outcomes

Can adding digital to your computer courses help? This white paper examines the findings of research conducted across the country with more than 1,000 participants concluding that adding a digital solution to a computer course benefits both instructors and students.

Write Experience
Cengage Learning’’s Write Experience Leads to Improved Writing Skills

This study examines the effectiveness of a widely-used, post-secondary digital instructional tool, Write Experience, an online learning solution, employing automated essay scoring, dedicated to improving students’ written communication skills.