Over the past year at the Engaging Minds blog, we’ve seen a great deal of interest in our posts that address the topic of student leadership. With good reason: the sooner college students develop their leadership skills, the better prepared they are to apply them in their classes, communities, and future careers.

If you want to provide the college students you know with the opportunity to put those leadership skills into action, encourage them to enter CengageBrain.com’s Alternative Spring Break Contest. A college student, or group of up to five students, can win up to $2,500, which they can put towards funding for airfare, food, lodging, and other related expenses while participating in the service project of their choice. It’s a great chance for students to consider and plan how they might devote their time to serving those in need… and then be rewarded for their efforts.

A few key points about the contest:

  • The contest is open exclusively to college students eighteen years or older, residing in the United States.
  • The project must take place within the continental United States.
  • The work must benefit an under-served population.
  • The project must last for a minimum of three (3) days.
  • Students must provide a clearly outlined mission and plans for the funds.

College students need to submit their service projects before February 14, 2014, so pass this along as soon as you can!

For complete details, including rules, deadlines, and list of criteria for eligible projects, visit CengageBrain’s Facebook app for the Alternative Spring Break Contest.