Last week, the city’s top talent joined Cengage employees and members of the leadership team for “Cengaged,” the first in a series of Cengage events designed to engage the area’s brightest minds in education, technology and innovation.

The theme of the event was “Our Transformative Journey” and included opening remarks from CEO Michael Hansen, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen Speaks at Cengagedwho reflected on his personal Cengage journey.  From leading the company through bankruptcy to overseeing the Cengage transition from a print publisher to an education and technology company, Michael demonstrated that change is only hard if you don’t understand the drivers behind it.


Transformative TechnologyBoston Talent Talks Technology at Cengaged

The discussion was led by Jill O’Connell, Head of Talent for Cengage, and provided insight and perspective into the Cengage mission to disrupt the status quo and solve the greatest challenges facing the education industry. A clear sense of passion for improving the way students learn was apparent as Cengage CTO, George Moore, and Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Fernando Bleichmar, discussed the importance of truly understanding how students live, work and play when creating digital learning solutions. SVP, GM Science, Technology & Math, Balraj Kalsi, and VP, Software Development, Jason Chin also spoke on the importance of measuring transformation by the number of students’ lives that the company impacts for the better.  Top Talent Gather at Cengaged

A lively Q&A session with attendees followed the panel, with a range of topics including big data, artificial intelligence, affordability and the rapidly evolving higher education ecosystem. As Cengage undergoes many changes on our transformative journey, we will look forward to welcoming new faces to partake in these discussions with our team and inviting them to join us on our journey.

To learn more about the Cengaged event series, email [email protected].