Michael O’Neill has been teaching accounting at Seattle Central Community College since 1980. In those 34 years, he’s seen a lot of students come and go, and he knows what to expect from students — and what to watch for at the beginning of the course. As O’Neill explained, early on it’s common for students to try to find the fastest route to the answer to a problem, and it becomes obvious that they really don’t want to go through all the steps required to think it through.

O’Neill knew that he wanted an online companion that would do the same thing—get students thinking about the process, as opposed to focusing on just arriving at the answer. As a previous user of a different online homework program, O’Neill and the other accounting instructors in his department knew from experience they needed an online companion that was easy to set up, navigate, and use; they also wanted one that allowed students to try different, numerous attempts at the same problem. He decided to try CengageNOW, which was available with the textbook he had chosen, Warren, Reeve, and Duchac’s venerable Accounting, now in its 25th edition.

In this Cengage Learning success story, you’ll learn how CengageNOW allows O’Neill to teach how he wants to teach, while also enabling his students to experience better outcomes and gain a true understanding of accounting concepts.


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