How can you make a positive impact when it comes to choosing digital solutions that best suit the needs of you and your students? The process for selecting course materials for the classroom varies widely by institution. In Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” study surveying over 1,000 college students and faculty of all different institution types, we discovered that 33% of instructors are free to choose their own materials. Another 42% are on committees tasked with choosing what to adopt, and 15% choose materials for the entire department.

Instructors' top methods for selecting course methods

If you have the opportunity to influence the content selected in your department, it is a good idea to come into the discussion as informed as possible. Consider how the tool or content may aid in monitoring student progress and participation, improving student engagement, and encouraging students to learn and improve outcomes. Ask yourself, “How will this content allow me to help my students become better problem solvers?” “How will this material allow me to move students beyond simple memorization and into application?”

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