As you prepare for students to arrive in your (physical or virtual) classroom, you’re thinking about all the things that you can do to create an engaging and successful classroom experience. Of course, students also play an important role in creating a classroom environment that benefits them as individuals, as well as their fellow classmates. In light of this, you may wish to reinforce the attitudes, behaviors, and habits that contribute to a classroom environment that sparks engagement, promotes learning, and fosters academic success.

In Practicing College Learning Strategies, Seventh Edition, Carolyn H. Hopper provides a checklist of habits that students should adopt for success in the college classroom. She encourages students to review the list, noting which habits they already follow and which they need to put into practice.  Share this post with your students, and encourage them to evaluate their own behaviors in light of what’s presented below. By so doing, they’ll go a long way towards accomplishing their own learning goals (as well as yours).

Positive Pro Tips: A Checklist for Student Success in the College Classroom

___ Attend every class.
___ Come to class prepared.
___ Be alert and attentive in class.
___ Participate in class discussions.
___ Show an interest in the subject.
___ Ask questions when you don’t fully understand.
___ Seek outside sources if you need clarification.
___ Take advantage of all labs, study sessions, and outside help.
___ Set up meetings with your professors to discuss your progress.
___ Go the extra mile with all papers and assignments.
___ Always be on time for class.
___ Take notes.
___ When you must miss a class, make sure you find out exactly what you missed, make up the work, and come prepared for the next class.
___ Comment on lecture material.
___ Get to know your professors.
___ Set goals and objectives for your classes.
___ Evaluate yourself.
___ Be supportive of your classmates.
___ Have a positive attitude toward the professor and the class. 
(Hopper, pp. 16-17)


What items would you add to this checklist for student success? What other habits promote academic success in your classroom, whether it’s on-campus or online? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Reference: Hopper, Carolyn H. 2016. Practicing College Learning Strategies, 7th ed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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