Sandy Owen, the program chair for the early childhood department at Cincinnati State College, worried about how many of her students were not fully prepared on the first day of class and would quickly fall behind their fellow classmates.

The culprit, according to Owen, is students’ failure to obtain the required course materials prior to the start of class. Unfortunately, the students in Owen’s courses are not alone. One in three students, according to national studies, have delayed purchase of course materials or have chosen not to purchase them at all. The consequences of not having access to pertinent course materials have financial and academic consequences with longterm effects.

One challenge plaguing Owen’s students was the myriad products and services the college utilized to deliver course materials to students. For instance, Owen says students were often required to visit multiple vendor sites, purchase access codes, or otherwise acquire course materials in a piecemeal fashion.

That changed for the better when Cincinnati State College began using IncludED®, an inclusive access content partnership through which students’ required course materials are delivered as part of their fee payment. The flexible program drives engagement and academic success in higher education by ensuring that students have access to all required course materials on the first day of class, and are consequently more prepared to learn.

For Owen, not only does using the IncludED service affordably provide students the resources they need to excel, but it also gives her confidence with its flexibility. Instructors like Owen may customize the program to meet their unique needs. On many campuses, instructors report increased academic performance and modest boosts in student GPAs after switching to the IncludED service. Instructors credit the improvements to students having access to necessary materials on the first day of class. Rather than spending time trying to catch up, students with immediate access to course materials can focus on getting ahead.

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