When you think about the attitudes and behaviors that lead to college success, which are among the first to spring to mind? If you’re like us, “time management skills” certainly appear near the top of the list.

During Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, we had conversations with numerous attendees and talked to them about the skills and strategies they use to achieve college success. When we asked “What do you think is key to being successful in college?,” we received many thoughtful answers, several of which centered around the importance of effective time management.

In the following video, you’ll hear from students who believe that effective time-management strategies provide the key to college success. Their practical suggestions and words of experience can help your students overcome procrastination, budget their time wisely, and make the most of their energy and resources.



Looking for additional tips to share with your students? Review our previous posts on time management. We also invite you to share your own time management strategies in the comments section below.