Did you know that of 93% of employers surveyed believe the ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems are skills more important than an undergraduate degree? That’s why soft skills are listed as the most sought after skill-set by employers. However, fewer than 3 in 10 employers felt recent college grads were adequately prepared in the area of critical thinking. How can instructors address this skill gap? The answer is easy: with MindTap.

On March 10-11, Cengage Learning hosted the “Communication IS the Conversation: 21st Century Pedagogy That Works” event in San Francisco to highlight MindTap as a learning tool that equips students with transferable communication skills for success in the classroom and beyond. Fourteen Communication educators from across the country came together to learn about the power of MindTap; a unique student-centered, discipline-focused learning solution.

To start the day, instructors participated in a Draw-Your-Day activity. During this activity, instructors draw their daily academic routine to identify patterns and inefficiencies. Common inefficiencies include: setting up courses, managing limited time in class, and grading. By tracking the results of this activity, Cengage Learning is able to modify MindTap to truly reflect instructors’ needs. With MindTap, instructors can spend time where it counts; with their students.

After the Draw-Your-Day activity, Instructor and Faculty Partner Diane Carter led a MindTap Communication session to show how it works to save her time and make her job easier, while elevating performance, engagement and outcomes for students. Participants were highly engaged during the session, as they learned first-hand how MindTap enables instructors to easily set-up their course and accomplish key course objectives in both face-to-face and online Communication classes.

To top off an already amazing day, former Representative George Miller spoke at the event about how communication plays a key role in all facets of life. He used the current political landscape as an example to discuss how technology like MindTap can take conversations about current events to heightened levels because MindTap enables instructors to foster engaging, impactful dialogue amongst students. Reminding us that whether it’s in a job or at home, soft skills are key to 21st century success across contexts.

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