Finding quality, curated research material—and getting students to look beyond Google—can be challenging. But there is a better way.

Librarians want their students to locate the best information for research projects without wasting time fishing around on the Internet, hoping what they find is relevant and trustworthy. However, many college students are so used to using search engines like Google, and crossing their fingers that what turns up is appropriate, and changing ingrained behavior can be tough.

Lasell College librarian Jill Shoemaker has discovered a better way to help her honors students find and identify trusted resources for their research projects. Shoemaker found GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library) and has seen usage, student engagement, comprehension, accuracy and other academic benchmarks improve since its inception.

Lasell enjoys GVRL for its depth, breadth, and ease of use. “It’s a one stop shop,” Shoemaker said in reference to a librarian’s ability to quickly find and easily order all of the resources students might need for a particular research project. “It’s very easy to use and provides the students exactly what they’re looking for.”

You can read more about Lasell’s experiences with GVRL in our Success Story, “Librarian Struggles to Compete with Google and Provide Students Access to Vetted Reference Materials”.

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