Sue Griffin has been a Spanish instructor for almost twenty years and is currently a Senior Lecturer for Spanish at Boston University. Throughout her teaching career Sue has always incorporated technology into her instruction, and decided to implement a flipped classroom for the Fall 2014 semester of Introductory Spanish at Boston University.

Sue designed the course to facilitate more in-class interaction – students would read grammar outside of class and class time would be focused on conversation. For the Fall semester, Sue used a printed workbook, which was not a good fit with the flipped environment she had implemented. She soon realized that she needed one learning solution that would be appropriate and engaging to
beginning as well as more advanced students in her course. She looked at Conectados with iLrn and discovered it was designed the way she had in mind.

In this success story, you’ll learn how Conectados with iLrn helped foster more engagement in Sue’s Spanish course. You’ll also see how the activities that students completed outside of the classroom allow for more effective self-paced study. What’s more, you’ll read about the tools within iLrn that allow the instructor to monitor student progress outside of class — critical for an effective flipped classroom.

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