Throughout this spring we received great videos of instructors across the country sharing the ways that they make it count with digital tools. Some encourage classmate collaboration while some foster critical thinking and others involve social media, but all utilize digital resources in unique and compelling ways to engage students in learning.

The votes are in, and we are thrilled to announce these three winners of the Make It Count contest:

First Place

Aiyda Evans, Morgan State University

In her Introduction to Sociology course, Aiyda uses YouTube to present music videos from around the world to incite student discussion around culture. Students must then create their own videos and post them to YouTube to present their findings. Aiyda’s digital assignment emphasizes the subject while encouraging group learning and digital interaction. As the first place winner, Aiyda wins paid travel and registration to a national conference of her choice. Congratulations and safe travels, Aiyda!

Watch the video below to learn more about this winning assignment!

Second Place

Martha Smith, Tuskegee University

To address low student participation, Martha incorporated a new, digital component in her Service Learning course.  Students were tasked with presenting an assignment with multi-media tools like iMovie and YouTube, and then shared their videos in class and through social media.  This activity led to high engagement with 100% class participation.   And now, Martha is the winner of $1000 to apply towards a student scholarship at her institution.  Congratulations, Martha!

Watch Martha’s video to learn more about her digital assignment!

Third Place

Mo Cuevas, Our Lady of the Lake University

Mo wanted students in her large, online Masters of Social Work Program to feel connected to one another. So, she created a role play activity in which students present details of a social work program through different videos. Classmates act as the Board of Directors, responding to each video with questions and comments. This activity drives virtual interaction while helping students to gain important presentation skills.  Congrats to Mo, who has won $500 for a student scholarship at her institution!

Watch this video for more details about Mo’s digital assignment!

Congratulations again to all of our winners! These examples illustrate how assigning digital activities for a grade leads to improved student engagement and outcomes.

Thank you to everyone who shared a video in the contest and thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite submissions. We hope that you found these stories inspiring for your own courses and classroom.

We look forward to hearing more from you. Feel free to continue sharing ideas and best practices in the comments section below.