Author Katie McPheeKatie McPhee

Based in the San Francisco, California office, Katie is an associate social media marketing manager and contributing writer for the Engaging Minds blog. As a member of the social media team, Katie loves following the latest education trends and creating content for the various social channels. She earned her bachelors of arts in Communications from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and secretly misses the New England weather.

Tami StrangTami Strang

Based in San Francisco, California, Tami Strang has extensive experience in higher education publishing and a master’s degree from San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science. | Circle on Google+

Britt AndreattaBritt Andreatta

Britt Andreatta, PhD, is the author of Navigating the Research University: A Guide for First-Year Students from Cengage Learning. She is the Director of Learning and Development for where she designs and delivers a range of training options to enhance the professional development of all employees. Learn more at

Bridgett McGowen-HawkinsBridgett McGowen-Hawkins

Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins is a Senior Digital Educator with Cengage Learning, and she teaches for the Associate’s Program at the University of Phoenix.   


Dr Christine Harrington - Lecturing Strategies Christine Harrington, Ph.D.

Dr. Christine Harrington is a Professor of Psychology and Student Success and Director of the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching at Middlesex County College in NJ. She is also the author of a new research-based freshman seminar textbook, Student Success in College: Doing What Works! Prior to teaching full time, she worked in the Counseling and Career Services Department, providing disability services and career, academic, and personal counseling. You can also visit Dr. Christine Harrington’s website at

Damon GivehandDamon Givehand
Damon Givehand is a Digital Educator with Cengage Learning, has ten years of online teaching experience, is an advocate for student success, and an expert on motivation.

Maggi Miller


Maggi Miller
Maggi Miller has trained educators for over 30 years. Among other professional activities, has served as a Professor of Reading & Study Skills and the Director of the Learning Communities program at Austin Community College, and has directed a year-long faculty development project for Texas educators teaching integrated reading and writing.

Robert OnoratoRobert Onorato
Robert Onorato teaches for Fordham University New York.




Rochelle Beatty Rochelle Beatty
Rochelle has 17 years of experience as a mathematics instructor at both the secondary and higher education levels. Rochelle’s expertise includes: math study skills, cognitive development in the mathematics classroom, graphing calculators, computer graphing programs and math anxiety.

Shawn OrrShawn Orr
Shawn Orr is a Digital Educator with Cengage Learning and teaches at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan.