Is student engagement a top priority in your classroom? If you’re like many instructors, your answer will be a resounding “Yes!”

Many factors play a role in student engagement, including the course content you choose. Given students’ high interest in technology and tech tools, many instructors are turning to digital learning solutions, and overall, they’re seeing a great deal of success. Of the instructors surveyed in Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” survey:

  • 74% report that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased students’ academic performance, and
  • 73% say it has improved students’ engagement with their courses.

Students note the benefits of digital course content and solutions as well. In another recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, students reported that digital solutions promoted such benefits as:

  • Increased engagement with their courses
  • A greater desire (and ability) to stick with the material
  • The ability to see and track their progress in the course, every step of the way
  • Improvement in their academic performance

Cengage Learning’s latest insights report, “Custom Learning Solutions Boost Student Engagement and Improve Learning Outcomes,” explores these findings in greater detail. It also shares a number of ways that Cengage Learning’s digital solutions can encourage increased engagement in each of your classes.

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