As an instructor, you make great efforts to help your students succeed in your class. You want them to stay engaged in class discussions, gain a thorough understanding of the concepts you’re covering, and ultimately perform well on your assignments.

But as important as it is to offer students clear guidance and direction as they work on your assignments, you can actually begin to set students up for success as you create the assignment. In today’s featured video, Dr. Robert Yagelski, author of Cengage Learning’s new Writing: Ten Core Concepts and other texts, shares his approach to creating writing assignments. He also discusses how he communicates the goals of writing assignments to his students, as well as how he uses class time to prepare his students to meet those goals. Watch the brief video, and consider how his strategies might apply in your classroom—no matter what course you teach.

What steps do you take to ensure that your students understand the purpose and goals of your assignments? How do you use class time to clarify and reinforce your expectations? Share your strategies in the comments section below.