Guest contributor:  by Scott Rudeen, Ph.D.(ABD), MBA, MA, MSM  

Throughout this criminal justice blog series, I have explored the wide range of skills students need to be successful in the criminal justice field. They must be able to exhibit the skills, attributes and behaviors employers want in order to secure a job and develop a career in criminal justice. But, exactly how can and should our students demonstrate their skills to start their careers in criminal justice?

Students tend to only consider projects or reports from a capstone course to showcase these employability skills, if at all. Many times these may be too complex to truly demonstrate a student’s strengths or skills. I encourage my students to build their portfolio along the way so they can prove their ability to make informed decisions, write quality reports, or simply communicate effectively. This is why I choose to use MindTap for Criminal Justice.

Within MindTap, my students continually gain important practice honing their writing and decision-making skills.  But, most of all, I appreciate how MindTap empowers my students to become job ready and showcase their skills.  The specific learning applications and support tools I find most valuable are:

  • You Decide/Justify assignments in each chapter connect concepts to real-world application by requiring my students to justify their decisions in writing. This on-going writing practice builds student confidence and helps improve their writing skill.
  • Writing Skill Builder helps students sharpen their writing skills step-by-step by using tutorials and helpful feedback suggestions on how they can actually improve their writing before submitting it to be graded.
  • Questia app is a useful tool within MindTap that helps my students write better research reports, faster! Questia helps them find research topics using credible, citable sources; as well as help them through the entire research process with the tools to organize and cite their research with ease.
  • Pathbrite app in MindTap helps each student advance their career by demonstrating their story and showcasing skills and experience in critical thinking, communication and problem-solving. The student will have lifetime access and can share their e-portfolio through any device.

As an online CJ program chair, I have found MindTap to be the best learning solution for providing engaging content that challenges each individual and builds their confidence to become job ready.  You can learn more about my success from using MindTap.  Or, check out MindTap for Criminal Justice for yourself.

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