Guest Contributors: Author Lois Fichner-Rathus and Team

We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce to you the ninth edition of Culture & Values: A Survey of the Humanities. But first, let us thank the many of you for your input and the confidence you have shown in choosing previous editions to support your pedagogical vision for the course that you design and teach. The most important things to us as we put together a new edition are meeting your content needs and expectations for the humanities survey and fine-tuning our pedagogy to pique your students’ interest and support their efforts to succeed in your course.

Cultures and Values As the authors of Culture & Values, we always appreciated that, for many students, the study of the humanities may seem a world apart from the academic disciplines they call “home.” Engaging, accessible writing; pedagogical continuity from chapter to chapter; brilliant, accurate-color reproductions of works of art; and content that is comprehensive yet manageable—these are, and have been, the hallmarks of Culture & Values.

We are also pleased to introduce a new chapter to volume two of the ninth edition, Cultural Centers of the Americas, rounding out our already extensive coverage of non-European civilizations. New features now join ones familiar from earlier editions: Culture and Society highlights relationships between cultural and social developments, both ancient and modern; and Connections draws parallels between works of art and literature, relays contemporary responses to ancient events, and offers engaging new perspectives on cultural figures and monuments.

Cultures and ValuesWe hope the that the fully digital and immersive MindTap version of the ninth edition of Culture & Values will help your students further engage with your course content and resources. Our innovative two-pane eReader design positions beautifully displayed works of art beside their accompanying text. This allows students to view images in the left pane while scrolling through the matching text discussion on the right. Relevant videos and websites—as well as links to sites that can be viewed in Google Maps—are paired directly with images, encouraging students to more deeply explore the course material with ease. We also have included many other study tools for students in MindTap—practice quizzes, research and writing resources and tutorials, and links to complete texts in the Questia digital library—designed to help them command the course content and transform them into critical thinkers. We feel that with the addition of MindTap for Culture & Values both you and your students—inside and outside of the classroom—will have at your fingertips the content and resources to fully immerse and engage in the humanities.

Our approach to teaching the humanities survey has informed our approach to writing Culture & Values: A Survey of the Humanities. Our goals for both are the same: to give students the tools to reach their own conclusions about art, or literature, or philosophy and religion, rather than telling them what to think or believe; and to make students feel that even though they may be passing though this discipline only briefly, they will reap the rewards of their encounter with it for a long, long time.

Best wishes for a rewarding and successful year!