Sociology professor tailors students’ learning experience and captures their interest with MindTap.

Addressing Unique Student Needs with MindTap

Professor Laurie Linhart considers herself tech savvy and likes to stay ahead of the curve. She also likes to tailor her sociology course materials at Des Moines Area Community College with additional resources that illustrate key concepts. MindTap makes it a snap.

“I’ve customized the student learning path with additional readings and YouTube clips,” she says. “Other digital products I’ve used don’t have the flexibility to include materials from outside sources.” Linhart also likes MindTap Analytics, which enable her to see how much time her students spend in the program, and intervene to help low performers. And the students? “All I hear is how easy MindTap is to use. They enroll in the course once, and then access everything through Blackboard.”

Hear how Professor Linhart tailored learning experiences with MindTap