For Kristen Cregg, an accomplished junior majoring in Accounting at William Patterson University in New Jersey, the dream of one day working full time at one of the four major accounting firms can seem a long way off. Even Cregg, who has worked part time at an accounting firm since she was a teen, struggles at times with detailed subject matter that can be difficult to learn.

Tax students are asked to master many difficult concepts and students like Kristin are looking for a solution that will make tax principles more understandable and ultimately prepare them to sit for the CPA exam.

To help students better understand tax concepts, Cregg’s University recently implemented CengageNOW (CNOW), an online collection of resources that provides taxation students with engaging homework assignments, instant performance feedback, and problem solving skills that result in improved exam performance. The assignments created in CNOW are designed to promote genuine comprehension and take some of the intimidation out of learning complicated tax concepts. One feature that accomplishes this, Post Submission Feedback, offers students instant analysis of their performance.

The engaging homework helps Cregg and her peers see connections between concepts and develop critical problem solving skills that are paying off at exam time. And, besides higher exam grades, Cregg and her classmates are also squeezing additional knowledge from CNOW homework assignments. Rather than waste time going over misunderstood homework items in class, Cregg says she now comes to class having already comprehended the subject matter in the homework and prepared to be exposed to new concepts.

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