Digital in the Classroom: Hearing From the Student End-User

There’s a plethora of digital tools available to today’s students… but are they using them? And to what extent?

Who better to learn from than the students themselves?

We recently spoke with Matt Bilotti, Senior at Northeastern University and a member of the panel for “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” Cengage Learning’s session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. Below, Matt discusses why he believes it’s important to include students in the conversation about digital in the classroom.

Why is it important to hear from students about their experience with digital in the classroom?

As with any business or product decision, the end-user is the most important person in the process; without their feedback, how could you possibly know if what you’re providing is working? Since the student is the one using the technology, I would argue that a person or company would be shooting themselves in the foot if they weren’t hearing from the students for whom they’re building.

What is the value of having a student-centric, student driven conversation at SXSWedu?

There’s nothing more powerful than hearing from the source; hearing from a panel of students and asking them questions can give you candid insight into the things that focus groups and online surveys might not be telling you.

If you could give your professors one piece of advice about using digital learning tools in the classroom, what would it be?

Understand the software you’re giving us before you give it to us. One of the most frustrating things from a student’s perspective is being told to use some new digital tool or piece of software that a professor doesn’t even know how to operate or use.


“Students Unfiltered” at SXSWedu 2016!

Cengage Learning is pleased to announce that our “Students Unfiltered” session will take place during SXSWedu 2016! We’re looking forward to a lively and informative presentation that brings students into the spotlight.

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