For some college students, if it’s not the last minute, it’s not worth doing.

No matter how much you insist, they may delay on ordering their textbooks, and then complain that the materials take too long to ship. Press them to ensure they fully understand the assignment before it’s too late, and you may still get frantic emails the night before. We can help.

Instant access to digital learning materials

When students place a print textbook order on CengageBrain, they automatically receive eBook access to the text for 14 days as part of their print purchase or rental – for FREE. And, of course, digital book purchases are available instantly too. No more wasting precious teaching and learning time. (Oh, and no more excuses.)

Improved classroom communication

One of the best and simplest benefits of embracing digital learning is the the ability to improve communication between you and your students with and online community. Often digital tools come with a community feature, allowing peer-to-peer collaboration as well as student-to-instructor communication. This can help your classroom dynamic immensely!

Whether you’re using MindTap, an LMS, or other digital tool, classrooms with online collaboration opportunities allow your students to reach you and each other outside of class, making all of your lives easier and more productive.

Want to host an online Q&A or mock-exam over the weekend before a big test? You or your TA can hop on a discussion board or instant message and easily lead the session. You can also open a discussion board up for students to ask each other questions.

Millennials may get a bad rap for demanding instant gratification, but we say, “what’s wrong with that?” Reach out to a representative for further information on how Cengage Learning can assist with your courses.

»Go Digital. Get Ahead.