One way to ensure your students are getting the most out of their college experience is by making it more engaging for them. But how do you make that happen?

Digital! Many students and instructors agree that digital learning tools can help both you and your students get engaged with their coursework.

Boost engagement

We surveyed thousands of college students and instructors regarding the use of digital learning tools in the classroom.

73% of instructors say it has improved students’ engagement with their courses.

77% of students say it has improved their engagement with their courses.

Instructors often share that getting their students engaged with the material and motivated to learn are their biggest challenges. It’s an on-going battle for most educators to capture students’ attention. Instructors also know that using multimedia tools in the classroom and demonstrating different ways to learn a concept increase engagement significantly. Completely digital and highly interactive, MindTap can help instructors engage with their students by offering integrated media assets.

From our recent white paper, “Better Engagement, Better Outcomes—MindTap® Proves Its Impact in the Humanities and Social Sciences:”
When students are engaged, they’re more likely to get valuable practice in building critical thinking skills. Such was Michelle McCargish’s experience teaching U.S. History with MindTap at Western New Mexico University. “I saw much better results with the students being able to draft essays that incorporate evidence from the course material,” she says.

Getting started

Digital learning solutions allow you to incorporate additional digital assets from a variety of resources; seamlessly integrate digital materials such as Web links, videos, and PowerPoint®; incorporate school-specific content and branding; match the digital supplements to customized print products. And we want to help you get started!

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