Well-defined learning outcomes help educators design their course and determine the best use of technology, improving student success. Our studies have shown that digital learning tools in the classroom result in improved learning outcomes for students.

This is because digital learning solutions make it easy for instructors to execute lesson plans and gather results in a format that drives desired outcomes.

Learning outcomes

In college classrooms across the country, instructors are witnessing the effectiveness of MindTap® in improving academic outcomes and engagement in today’s courses, as well as its ability to transform today’s students into critical thinkers.

The data from these instructors’ courses demonstrates multiple successes: strong student engagement with assignments, greater mastery of course content, higher test scores, and overall improved student performance and success rates.

Student advantage

Students recognize MindTap’s advantages, too. They’re telling their instructors that MindTap truly helps them review, understand, and master the course content—and that they enjoy engaging with the content, homework, and learning activities.

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