Digital learning tools have been shown to improve outcomes and engagement, but there are major benefits for instructor-specific tasks as well.

Digital educational resources often have built-in functionality for making grading simple and insightful. There are options for all teaching types, even those who prefer to grade by hand. Digital tools like Cengage Learning’s MindTap allow instructors to see patterns in students’ learning by providing deep analysis.

Digital advantage

Digital learning tools help you to better determine your classroom success by providing the dynamic student insight you may be missing.

  • Easily spot the students who are struggling as well as those not being challenged enough.
  • Instantly uncover which questions students struggled with the most.
  • Discover if the content of the most-missed questions was covered when attendance was low or if you may have spent too little time on it.

Scores and gradebooks

Of course, most students enjoy the simplistic transparency that comes with being able to check their grades online anytime they want to. Students who find themselves struggling know to hit the flash cards–conveniently included–or even take a few extra practice quizzes to bring them up to speed.

Instructors can get help from a Cengage ITS representative to set up grade synchronization, adding scoreable activities to the institution’s LMS Gradebook automatically. MindTap’s apps enable instructors to track student scores on homework and assessments. You can filter by overall performance, by points or percentages–whatever works best for you and your students.

What insights would you hope to gain from a more dynamic grading system? Share your ideas below.

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