At the beginning of a new term, you have many concerns for your course—some concerning your students and their immediate needs; others, more administrative in nature. At times, those details include setting up your course’s digital solution and ensuring that it suits the specific needs of your class.

We recently asked Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators: “What’s the most challenging issue an instructor has brought to you and how did you resolve it?” Below, we’ve shared a few of their responses. You’ll see how they’ve partnered with instructors to help them use our solutions to accomplish their course goals.

Dwight Raleigh Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“A professor was teaching a class that had a broad range of math skill levels; she often had students lagging behind, while some students were being held back since their skill level was higher. We implemented a conditional release on a pre-quiz that would evaluate a student’s level on a topic and those that struggled would have to go through the additional homework sections while those that demonstrated proficiency could move directly to the quiz. We did this for each chapter and then released them to the next chapter series.”

—Dwight Raleigh


Sarah Ginn - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“Instructors often ask about ways to deter cheating in online courses. In the CengageNOW platform there are several ways to deter this, including timed released on the scores and answer details, shuffling of questions, using algorithmic versions of the questions, etc.”

—Sarah Ginn


Autumn Richards Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“I think the most challenging problem that has been brought to me involved an instructor that wanted to implement MindTap into her course, had many, many specifications about what she wanted her course to be like, but was easily frustrated by the work-arounds we needed to do to accomplish it all. In that case, I think the hardest part of working with her was encouraging her to stick with it and to keep it simple in her first semester of working with the technology. Though I’m not sure if I ever officially resolved the issue, I reached out to her almost every week through the semester to check on her and adjust things as the months went on.”

—Autumn Richards



Need help setting up your Cengage Learning digital solution—or, are you looking for ways to make the most of that solution in your course? Reach out to your Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator for assistance!