In our recent post, “How Do Instructors Use Their LMS,” we shared the many ways that instructors find their Learning Management Systems beneficial to their courses.

But do college students see the benefits as well? In a recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, students who reported using an LMS were asked to share whether or not they find their LMS beneficial to their classroom experience and why.

Do students find their LMS beneficial?

The vast majority of students find that, yes, their LMS is beneficial to their classroom experience. 58% say it keeps them engaged with the materials and connected to their class. Another 54% say it keeps them organized.

To gain additional insight into helping your students get the most out of your classroom LMS, read our latest Market Insights paper, “Supplementing Learning Management Systems with Custom Content to Engage Students.” The paper also includes suggestions for using a variety of tools, materials, and resources within your course LMS to engage your students in the learning process.

» Download Cengage Learning’s latest Market Insight paper: Supplementing Learning Management Systems with Custom Content to Engage Students.