It is very common for college accounting teachers to assign homework. (Homework is defined as assignments that the student is required to do outside of class to prepare for the class. This can include problems, cases, or essay work.) The plan is that the students will read the material and complete the homework before coming to class. It is believed that the students who regularly follow this pattern will be more prepared for class and will earn higher grades than those who do not. This study is an attempt to determine if this performance premise holds true in an Intermediate I accounting class. This class is usually the first accounting class students are required to take after they decide to be accounting majors. These students had previously taken two beginning accounting courses that are required of all business majors.

This article is from the Accounting Instructors’ Report, an electronic journal that provides teaching tips and insights to those who teach accounting and other business courses.


Teresa K. Beed, University of Montana
Jerry Evans, University of Montana

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