If you want to provide your students with #JustOneThing that will help them learn the content of your course, consider utilizing the Aplia assignment feature Try Another Version in MindTap for English.

Try Another Version in Aplia

Through Aplia assignments, my students have the ability to learn from their mistakes with Try Another Version. With assignments that utilize the Try Another Version option, students in my co-requisite English courses learn how to learn instead of just rushing through their homework assignments.

When using the Try Another Version option, my students must make at least an overall grade of an 80. They have three attempts to show me they have acquired the necessary knowledge about the concepts. If students do not make at least an 80 on their first attempt, they have to write down the questions/concepts they got wrong, write down the feedback provided by MindTap, and then Try Another Version. If they still do not make at least an 80, they have to return to the course textbook and complete two additional assignments before they can Try Another Version again: summarize the chapter and write down two questions for our discussion.

Since I have the ability to see all of my students’ attempts, I know who needs to submit their additional work.

Elevating Homework

I require this component because many students will choose to complete only one attempt, and many of their scores will often be low. I want my students to treat homework differently, learn from their assignments instead of view homework as busywork, and have a better understanding of the concepts. Now, my students are paying closer attention to the content in the course, and, of course, their overall homework grades have improved.

If I do not add a required component to the feedback provided by MindTap, many of my students will not read the explanations; many will just Try Another Version and end up with the same score or simply submit their assignments as is.

Students need to pay close attention to the feedback and be ready for #JustOneThing: Aplia Try Another Version.

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