This paper presents an early report into the adoption of MindTap, a personal learning experience product provided by a commercial publisher; and its integration into Interact, a Sakai-based learning management system in Charles Sturt University, Australia.

MindTap allows the integration of additional cloud-based resources into the learning system.

  • It combines the use of e-books, publisher resources and other learning tools provided by the text publisher.
  • It was used by 470 students in a first-semester, first-year Information Technology undergraduate course in both on-campus and distance-education mode.

This paper outlines the use of this student trial and records student comments and experiences.

  • It illustrates how the system was presented and used, and includes suggestions for improvement.
  • It gives insight into the integration of this solution in the teaching-learning space and possible future direction for use in a university environment.


» Download the MindTap white paper.