What impact has technology had on the teaching and learning experience? And how can it be used to enhance that experience while successfully meeting the academic needs of today’s students?

To consider the answers to these questions, and to gather ideas about incorporating effective edtech strategies into your course, watch “Wire Me and Inspire Me—A Panel Discussion.” This presentation, recorded during our recent “Wired and Inspired!: The Intelligent Use of Technology in Higher Education” online workshop, addresses the impact of technology on the needs of today’s learners and explores ways that technology can help to maximize learning in the college classroom.

Panelists include:

  • Damon Givehand (Digital Educator, Cengage Learning), Moderator
  • Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins (Senior Digital Educator, Cengage Learning), Moderator
  • Shelley Rodrigo (Visiting Assistant Professor of English, University of Arizona)
  • Greg Rivera (Senior Digital Educator, Cengage Learning)
  • Bonnie Tensen (Professor of English, Augsburg College)

The panelists and webinar attendees discuss such questions as:

  • What about edtech has you “wired and inspired”?
  • How did you become a “fan” of edtech?
  • What is the most positive impact has had on teaching and learning?
  • How has technology impacted teaching and learning?
  • What about edtech might surprise people who have not fully embraced using it in their classrooms?
  • What are the needs of today’s learners?
  • How can faculty effectively meet the needs of today’s learners while using technology as a tool to help maximize learning?
  • What is the most promising (and practical) reason to use edtech?

As you listen and watch, you’ll hear the panelists’ tips for demonstrating intelligent uses of technology in the classroom, as well as their strategies that will help you overcome the challenges you face.

Watch the presentation: “Wire Me and Inspire Me—A Panel Discussion”

(After brief introductions, the content starts at 7:39.)


For more great tips on edtech in the college classroom, listen to the “Who Moved My Chalkboard: Adventures in Using EdTech to Your Advantage” podcast series, and watch “Chalk and Talk the Edtech Walk,” a panel discussion! And stay tuned for news about our next “Wired and Inspired” event, taking place in February 2016.

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