As EDUCAUSE 2014 approaches, our excitement grows ever stronger. The atmosphere always energizes us, and gets us even more enthusiastic about the ways we can work together to transform the learning experience for today’s students.

Before we pack our bags, we’ve been scanning the schedule, and we’ve noted some of our “topics to watch” at the conference. We’ve shared them below.

What topics are you going to follow and engage with at EDUCAUSE 2014? Let us know in the comments!

Hot Topics in IT and Education—Covered at EDUCAUSE 2014

Learning Management Systems. No surprise—but Learning Management Systems will continue to be a hot topic at the conference. During various sessions, you’ll hear from campus IT administrators and instructors who share their experiences and best practices gleaned from implementing an LMS at their institutions. You’ll also be able to find out about solutions, such as Cengage Learning’s MindTap, which provide LMS integration and lead to improved student outcomes and increased student engagement.
Student success and outcomes. As educators and administrators, your efforts are, ultimately, driven toward the goal of student success. Throughout the conference, you’ll find sessions that will help you learn how to use and analyze data to make important decisions and demonstrate your success in improving student outcomes.
MOOCs, “flipped classrooms,” blended learning, BYOD, and other technology-backed instructional models and modes. Much has been said about MOOCs and the flipped classroom—but there’s still more to say! Learn about the development, implementation, and successes of MOOCs within a variety of institutions and course areas. Discuss how BYOD can be used on campus to facilitate learning–and the impact that this model can have on campus IT concerns. And, gather ideas and strategies for implementing “flipped classroom” principles in your course and school.
Competency-based education. Undoubtedly, you hear quite a bit of buzz around this term on a fairly regular basis. How will competency-based education have an impact on your school (or, has it already made an impact? What strategies and tools can your institution use to implement, manage, and maintain these initiatives? And how can competency-based education build student success in your programs and prepare students for success in the workplace? A variety of sessions will consider these questions and more.
Leadership and professional development. By attending the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, you’ll have numerous opportunities to network with peers, experts, and thought leaders in the areas of IT and higher education. What’s more, sessions in the Leadership and Management Domain provide attendees with thoughtful seminar presentations, experience-based examples, and discussions designed to help you develop your ability to influence change, successfully manage people and projects, and transform the learning experience on your campus.

Attending EDUCAUSE 2014?

Cengage Learning is proud to be a Gold Partner of EDUCAUSE. If you’re attending the EDUCAUSE conference in Orlando, visit us at booth 419, and ask us about our learning solutions, such as MindTap. And whether you’re participating in person or online, follow us on Twitter at @CengageLearning and @ThisIsMindTap. We’ll also be sharing our favorite images from the conference on Instagram—and we’d love to see yours as well. Use conference hashtag #EDU14 in your tweet or photo!