It’s the end of one year, and we’re getting ready for the next! You know what that means: ’tis the season for top-ten lists! In that spirit, we’re sharing a list of the Engaging Minds Blog’s most-read, most-shared posts of the year. Take a look and gather some helpful insights and teaching tips that you can apply in the next term!

Ten of 2014’s Most-Read and Most-Shared Posts at the Engaging Minds Blog

1. The “Flipping the College Classroom” Podcast Series
In a five-part podcast series, Marc Alan Sperber, MS and Craig Dane Roberts, PhD discuss their approach to the flipped classroom.
2. Tips for Students: How to Reach Your Academic Goals in College
At the start of a new term, college students have fresh opportunities to re-evaluate their short and long-term academic goals. Read and share some helpful goal-setting tips.
3. Four Types of Students You May See in Your Classroom
Gather ideas for managing the various types of challenging behaviors that students may exhibit in your classroom at some point during the school term.
4. Technology in the Classroom: A Distraction or an Asset?
Though tech tools can be distracting to students, you can use those very same tools to draw students into discovery, discussion, and learning.
5. Icebreaker Activities: Getting Acquainted
Use these enjoyable icebreaker activities to get students active and enthusiastic during your first class session. (Teaching online? Review our post, Icebreakers for Online Courses.)
6. What Students Say they Need in Order to Become More Engaged in Class
Read what students had to say about the use of technology in their college courses.
7. Steps for Giving Effective Feedback to Colleagues
Need to provide effective feedback to teammates, mentees, or others with whom you’re working? These tips can help you do so in a clear, cogent, and respectful manner.
8. Four Things Adult Learners Wish Their Instructors Knew
We asked adult learners what they wish their instructors understood about their needs. We share four of the common themes that appeared among their answers.
9. Who’s Using Learning Objectives? And How?
Most institutions, and many instructors, use learning objectives to measure student achievement and success in their courses. Read some suggestions that can simplify the process of measuring and reporting on the data.
10. What is an Instructor’s Most Valuable Trait?
What do students most value in an instructor? Students share their opinions.

Thank you for reading the Engaging Minds blog! If you have a favorite post from 2014, or if you have a topic you’d like to suggest we cover in 2015, please share your thoughts in the comments!
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