Join us in a 4-part webinar series with Cengage Learning Faculty Partner, Audrey Wick, an English professor at Blinn College, and Senior Marketing Manager, Kina Lara, also an English professor at San Jacinto College, where we will identify common problems English instructors (and their students) face and show you to how solve those problems with MindTap!

There’s a MindAPP for That!

Fall 2016 English Webinar Series: Learn more about the JUST IN TIME module

  • Are your Comp I and II students coming to class with varied skill levels?
  • Do they lack basic, foundational knowledge and skills?
  • Do you lack the class time necessary to get them up to speed?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, MindTap’s new JUST IN TIME module could be the perfect solution for you and your students!

Just In Time

Based on our research, we know that Composition instructors like you are looking for products that give your students more practice in certain areas where they lack foundational skills—areas such as writing process, composing, critical reading and writing, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling. We also know that busy instructors like you don’t have time to create or grade these assignments, and you certainly don’t want to use up any class time doing them.

Because of this, we have curated a folder in MindTap of additional practice exercises for those Comp I and II students who are struggling with foundational skills. These could be students in co-requisite Composition courses or any of your Composition students who need additional practice.

JUST IN TIME problem sets are located in one convenient location within MindTap. They are auto-graded to save you valuable time and provide detailed feedback for students to help improve their writing.

What skills are covered in the JUST IN TIME module?

The Writing Process Possession
Introductions and Conclusions Subject/Verb Agreement
Coherence and Organization The Subject
Topic and Thesis Statements The Verb
Supporting Ideas Basic Sentence Structure
Quoting and summarizing Modifier Use
Logical and Critical Thinking Conjunctions and Sentence Structure
Consistency Punctuation
Word Usage Comma Usage
Style Capitalization
Common Sentence Errors Sound alike/Look alike

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