Jaber Hussaini has a medical school goal in mind, and he knows that requires hard work, tenacity, and focus. As a full-time student at Wharton County, Jaber is deep into the tough work his goal requires: courses like anatomy, physiology, biology I and II, and calculus.

As a visual learner, reading can be difficult for Jaber; he has trouble staying focused and gets easily distracted. Thus, he tries to study in quiet places, like the library,and use methods other than hours of reading. Additionally, his major calls for some very difficult classes, which require more attention and time.

After his Calculus professor required Enhanced WebAssign as a resource with James Stewart’s Calculus, 7th ed., Jaber purchased access through CengageBrain.com and dove in without hesitation. He found Enhanced WebAssign to be helpful. As a visual learner, Jaber appreciated the way Enhanced WebAssign allows him to watch videos and then attempt the questions.

He also found Enhanced WebAssign’s instant feedback helpful, and realized that he didn’t need his instructor’s assistance as much as he may have otherwise. He was able to study more independently, especially because his instructor took the time to work some in-class assignments using Enhanced WebAssign, which allowed him to ask specific questions there and later use the program to get assignments done.

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