Samantha Golovner, a part-time student at Cleveland Community College in North Carolina, works full-time, putting in 24-hour shifts as a paramedic, and fits in school, studying, fitness, and a social life on the other days of the week. Most of her classes are online, which makes her life a bit easier because she can attend to her coursework whenever her schedule allows.

Samantha is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and plans to get a Bachelor’s degree in the medical field on the way to a career as a nurse or physician’s assistant. As an experienced paramedic, she is adept at staying calm in intense, stressful situations, but got sweaty palms at the thought of taking math.

One online resource that has helped her is Enhanced WebAssign® (EWA), which she uses in her traditional Developmental Math course. Enhanced WebAssign helped soothe her nerves. She likes the way EWA assists her with solving problems and has helped her learn to think more analytically. As a result, Samantha is a better student.

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