Seventy eight students using Enhanced WebAssign® at the University of West Florida and the University of Georgia were given a survey to collect their feedback and impressions. Students were enrolled in Introductory Statistics, Elements of Statistics, and Mathematics Modeling courses.

Overall, these students would give Enhanced WebAssign high marks; 95% of them would grade their experience with Enhanced WebAssign with an “A” or “B”.

Enhanced WebAssign Student Survey - Overall Experience - Cengage Learning


In the information sheet below, you can read the full results of the survey to see what students had to say about:

  • How easy they found it to get started and use Enhanced WebAssign
  • How frequently they used Enhanced WebAssign
  • Their level of agreement with the statement: “Enhanced WebAssign made me better prepared for class.”
  • Whether using Enhanced WebAssign helped them to more easily grasp course concepts
  • Enhanced WebAssign’s ability to help them improve their critical-thinking, analysis, decision-making, and synthesis skills
  • Their improved ability to stay on track with the course, using Enhanced WebAssign
  • The solution’s ability to help them earn a better grade in class


Download the information sheet: “Enhanced WebAssign Student Survey Feedback“.