Former U.S. Representative Weighs in on Retention
Hear why George Miller believes the significance of retention resonates beyond students and institutions.

Better instruction for increased revenueBetter Instruction for Increased Revenue
A new study from ACE looks at the relationship between instructional quality and institutional revenue. Where can institutions invest and see results?

Moving from access to completionMoving from Access to Completion
Check out the interview with Daniel Greenstein, Director of Postsecondary Success at the Gates Foundation, where he identifies the catalyst for change and describes how institutions are adapting.

How do instructional designers collaborate?How Do Instructional Designers Collaborate?
Learn how instructional designers can complement faculty and deliver results. Read the latest Instructional Design 101 blog post.

Employer requirements have risen for new graduatesRequirements are on the Rise
A recent survey suggests that employers demand higher levels of educational attainment than they did historically. What are employers’ current expectations and why have they increased?


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