Why Businesses Need to Look Beyond the Four-Year Degree

Competency based education allows students to take an active role in navigating their educational path and produces job candidates with the skills to be competitive in today’s workforce. Find out why Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage, insists that institutions offer CBE programs as a valuable credentialing alternative to traditional degrees.

executive-news-in-higher-ed-newsletter_december-2016_1How does an inclusive access partnership work? Listen to Mark Goodner of Indiana University describe how IU used inclusive access to deliver high-quality course materials to students while driving down costs.

executive-news-in-higher-ed-newsletter_november-2016_2As the U.S. economy has evolved over the past decade, demand for jobs requiring greater levels of education, training, and experience has increased. Find out how this shift is affecting the role of institutions and attitudes towards job preparation.

executive-news-in-higher-ed-newsletter_december-2016_3The AAC&U has added ePortfolios to their list of high-impact practices, or, “institutionally-structured student experiences…associated with elevated performance”. Learn more about the evidence that led to this decision.

executive-news-in-higher-ed-newsletter_december-2016_4You may know what instructional design is, but why does your institution need it? Read Part 2 of our Instructional Design 101 series to discover why instructional design is crucial to improving student learning and outcomes at your institution.

executive-news-in-higher-ed-newsletter_december-2016_5A survey of over 500 faculty found that the use of OER is projected to grow to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with course materials. Read about the findings and the future of OER.


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