Authentic Evidence Brought to Life – The Value of the Modern Transcript

What if the transcript could be a digital, formative, and interactive learning tool? Learning Objects and UMUC are bringing authentic assessment, outcomes, and activities to life. In collaboration with IMS, the extended transcript concept is a finalist in the 2016 IMS Learning Impact Awards. What the extended transcript video, and cast your vote!

Higher Ed Newsletter 1“The transformative potential of CBE
lies in more than any one product or application.” As 500+ institutions prepare to launch new CBE programs, the need for innovative support is growing. Check out a few of the latest buzzworthy apps.
Higher Ed Newsletter 2Educators at Georgetown University are strategizing new ways
to address the evolving needs of ed-tech leaders and developments in instructional design and learning analytics. Read more about the proposed teaching and learning center here.
Higher Ed Newsletter 3The latest report from the Institute for Higher Education Policy
identifies a new framework for measuring higher ed performance. Metrics include student access, progress, completion, cost, and post-college outcomes. Read the full report.
Higher Ed Newsletter 4The Lumina Foundation recently integrated fresh data
on postsecondary attainment rates and the results call attention to the growing demand for educational alternatives beyond the traditional bachelor’s degree. Learn more. 
Higher Ed Newsletter 5EdTech Magazine
outlines how the right technology partner can help CIO’s and IT teams build successful CBE programs. Learn more about the impacts on infrastructure in How Competency-Based Courses Are Changing the Education Game.


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