Skills-Based Credentials More Important Than Ever
4 out of every 10 students who enroll in a four-year degree drop out before graduation, often leaving with nothing to show but debt. Is skills-related education the solution?



Factory workers, degree requiredWanted: Factory Workers, Degree Required
Today’s workforce demands more skills than a high school education, but less than a bachelor’s degree. Find out how employers are working with community colleges to minimize these gaps.


Why use an instructional designer?Why Use an Instructional Designer?
Explore the course development process and how IDs identify learning outcomes, select corresponding content, and optimize comprehension by removing obstacles to learning.


The New Nontraditional Student
From 2004 to 2012, the number of college students with children increased by more than 1 million. What new challenges does this shift present for institutional leadership?


Half of Enrolled Students Unprepared for CollegeHalf of Enrolled Students Unprepared for College
New reports indicate more than half of incoming students are required to take at least one remedial course. How do students in different states compare and what is being done to address this problem?


Ask these questions before beginning a CBE programAsk These Questions Before Beginning a CBE Program

From assessing an institution’s “readiness for innovation” to establishing plans for implementation and evaluation, find out what key questions Texas A&M’s CBE Director thinks should be considered before implementing a CBE program.


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