“The study of humanities has allowed me to expand the way I think. To think differently, and to always see other peoples’ lives through their perspectives. To be able to think critically and not be spoon fed information – [and] actually thinking about the information I am absorbing.” –Francisco Rubio Fernandez, a Freshman at Santa Monica College, on the true value of Humanities coursework.

As October nears and National Arts and Humanities Month begins, now’s the time to discover the importance of a humanities education, and share the objectives on which Humanities is built upon, including:

  • Teach students how to teach themselves.
  • Leverage the power of technology, integrate digital into classrooms—while also showing students how to regulate technology in their lives.
  • Teach communication and critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Prepare students both for a career and to be conscientious citizens of the world—making our society better for it.

As mentioned before, Francisco Rubio Fernandez found value—and success—in the Humanities, primarily in his Art History course. Learn more about his success story and how MindTap paved the way as he earned an A in that course.