Rex Parr has been teaching Introduction to PC Applications at Aims Community College (ACC) in Greeley, Colorado, for nearly 20 years. ACC has used a number of different course materials and methods throughout this period — including a previous version of SAM (Skills Assessment Manager), an interactive online environment for learning Microsoft® Office skills and computer concepts. At one point, the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department switched from SAM in an effort to incorporate more soft skills into classes, but later decided it was time to revisit the product. Rex was prompted to try SAM again because he liked the looks of the projects component.

In this Success Story, you’ll learn what Rex discovered regarding the ability of SAM Projects to give students practice in applying Microsoft® Office concepts and skills in real-world projects.
You’ll also learn how SAM’s auto-grading feature saves instructors’ time, makes it easier for instructors to monitor student progress, and provides students with instant feedback that helps them take immediate corrective action.

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