Jennifer Rogers, Foreign Language Coordinator at the Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, MO, has found the Discovery Learning Approach that Exploraciones takes to be highly beneficial to her students.

Instead of explaining a specific grammar concept, the Exploraciones videos show the grammar being used in a realistic way. She also believes that Exploraciones presents culture in a way that is more engaging to students; presenting the culture thematically (as Exploraciones does) gives students a greater appreciation for the culture and how it relates to language.

What’s more, Jennifer has found iLrn to be a very powerful tool to use with Exploraciones. She believes that the secret to her success in using iLrn is to introduce it to the students gradually through the first few weeks of class. Once students are up to speed with iLrn, Jennifer encourages them to use it not only for their required homework, but to study and prepare for exams as well as practice vocabulary and grammar with the many features available to the students.

In this Success Story, you can read more about why Jennifer believes Exploraciones has the best approach to teaching students concepts, and why iLrn has the tools to drive those concepts home.

» Download the iLrn Success Story.