As college students settle in for the new school year, they make it a top priority to start off their semester on a strong note.

Below, we’ve shared some not-so-secret “secrets” of successful college students. Pass them along to the learners in your own courses!

Successful college students…

  • Study smarter. Successful students put in the time they need for study… but they also adopt proven strategies (such as self tests) that engage them in the learning process and help them retain what they’re taking in. For suggestions, read our post Three Top Study Strategies from Dr. Christine Harrington and discover her top study strategies for college students.
  • Make the most of digital learning tools. With their mix of e-readings, interactive activities and assessments, collaboration tools, and other useful features, platforms like Cengage Learning’s MindTap allow for improved student workflows and more visibility into individual progress. By taking full advantage of these tools, from the start of the semester, students have a strong opportunity to increase their success in their courses. (Read our whitepapers, case studies, and success stories to learn more about MindTap’s ability to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes.)
  • Learn anytime, anywhere. With smartphones and tablets, students can bring their readings and coursework with them! Apps such as MindTap Mobile enable students to use any window of time as a study session.
  • Know where and how to find credible resources. It’s easy enough to find information on just about any topic; type the words into a search engine and go! But finding reliable information—the kind instructors want and expect college students to use in their assignments, papers, and projects—takes more work. Information-savvy students rely on their college library for credible resources that are appropriate to their academic work… and, they download apps like Access My Library, which connect them with authoritative Gale reference resources available through their college library.
  • Manage time like a boss. Wise students recognize that time is a valuable commodity, and they know how to plan and invest their time to its fullest advantage. The following two articles will help college students hone their time-management skill set:


The slides below offer a quick review of our top time-management tips!


What are your “secrets” for successful college students? Share them in the comments.