In order to spur on active learning and student engagement, a good number of college instructors have implemented the flipped-classroom model of teaching in their courses. As a result, they’ve seen positive results such as increased attendance, higher levels of student engagement and self efficacy, and improved performance on examinations… all while still managing to cover all the material they would have covered in a traditional, lecture-based course.

Sound promising? If you’re like 41% of the Engaging Minds readers who responded to a recent poll about flipping the college classroom, other instructors’ successes have raised your interest in trying the flipped-classroom model of teaching for yourself. And if that’s indeed the case, you may also want to know some tried-and-true principles and practices for successfully bringing the flipped classroom to life in your course.

During the webinar “7 Reasons to Flip the College Classroom,” Craig Roberts and Marc Sperber provide their insights on how, and why, to flip your college course. In the recording, you’ll hear Craig, a professor of neuroscience and education at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, and Marc, an educational technologies consultant at the Duke University School of Nursing, talk about what drew them to the flipped classroom model and their experiences in helping faculty across the curriculum to flip their courses.

Marc and Craig introduce the theoretical foundation of their approach—Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles of Effective Education—and apply it to their real-world experiences and best practices for “flipping” learned in their own classroom and work with other faculty. They provide evidence for why the flipped classroom works, describe how a flipped class can be designed, and share numerous examples of the strategies they and other instructors have used to bring the flipped classroom to life. In addition, they show and discuss how Cengage Learning’s MindTap can be used to build student engagement, retention, and success in your class. Take some time to watch the webinar!

» View the webinar “7 Reasons to Flip the College Classroom – And How to Do It.”

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