Gale Geek Webinars! Your weekly half-hour webinar featuring topics, subjects, and scandals associated with libraries across all markets. Tune in to hear the Gale Geek interview this week’s Gale Expert and learn how you can do more with your library’s resources!  Join the conversation #galegeek

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December 5: “Be Lazy, Use Databases”
Join this week’s Gale Geek as Hayes High School Librarian, Sarah Ressler, shares the ways she motivates students to use database resources that help even the most reluctant learner pick Gale over Google.

December 12: Developing a Social Media Strategy
Natalie Burclaff & Catherine Johnson from the University of Baltimore will join us for this week’s Gale Geek on developing a social media strategy. Call in to learn how you can rekindle the social media flames in your library awareness and usage campaigns.

December 19: Library Leadership At All Levels
Library leadership can come from the bottom, middle, and top. Join JP Porcaro, ALA Presidential candidate for 2016-17 and founder of the ALA Think Tank, in this fun and engaging webinar on bringing a Make It Happen attitude to our patrons, coworkers, and personal circles.