Gardner’s Art through the Ages and Google Earth – An Engaging Combination
Facilitated by:
Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D., Boston University
Date Recorded: 2/20/2015

Join us for a free webinar with Fred Kleiner, award-winning author of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 15e. Learn how to boost engagement and interest in your course with help from Google Earth, an integrated part of MindTap for Art History. Now, instead of just showing students relevant examples of art and architecture, you can take them to the exact place each work was created.

Journey with Fred as he demonstrates how he has used Google Earth for the past several years to enrich his lectures and to generate higher levels of student interest and participation. Get a sneak preview of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 15e (publishing January 2015), learn more about what MindTap offers your students, and have your questions answered live.

Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D., Boston University
Long acclaimed for his inspiring lectures and dedication to students, Professor Kleiner (Ph.D., Columbia University) won Boston University’s Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as the College Prize for Undergraduate Advising in the Humanities in 2002, and he is a two-time winner of the Distinguished Teaching Prize in the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. In 2007, he was elected fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and, in 2009, in recognition of lifetime achievement in publication and teaching, fellow of the Text and Academic Authors Association.