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If you’ve been a long-time user of WebAssign, you’ve likely encountered Adobe Flash when working within the platform. If you are a new user, chances are you may never have seen it! Here’s why….

History Of Flash in WebAssign

Originally, Adobe Flash was the technology of choice to power our eBook reading experience (known as youBooks), our WebAssign graphing tool, and multimedia assets such as Watch Its. However, as all things technology tend to do, new technology comes along to continue to improve the user experience through ease of use and functionality.

Now: Converting Away from Flash

Over the past couple of years, the WebAssign team has been converting content that is reliant upon Adobe Flash, with the goal to eliminate Adobe Flash in the most recent edition of all Cengage WebAssign products. We’ve made significant improvements throughout 2019, and 2020 – see below.

  • Ebooks: The latest edition of Cengage eBooks have been converted from the older Flash-based youBook format to a new format which eliminates the Flash experience in the eBook. In these efforts, we’ve evaluated the number of instructors using each title and prioritized newer Cengage editions to minimize the impact.
  • Graphing and NumberLine Tools: Questions that require students to draw graphs or plot points on a number line previously used a Flash-based answer entry palette. However, as of Spring 2020, new Graphing and NumberLine tools that don’t require Flash are available for all courses.
  • Show My Work no longer requires Adobe Flash as of Spring 2020. Learn how to utilize the tool effectively here.
  • Watch Its and other multimedia assets: Most Watch Its for current edition titles have already been converted to an HTML5 player. If you happen to discover a Flash-based Watch It in your course, please report it to your Sales Representative and they will provide timing for removal.
  • Pencil Pad Questions: In Spring 2020, we said goodbye to our Pencil Pad question type that was created using Adobe Flash.

Still have Flash in your course?

Although we’ve been working diligently to remove all Adobe Flash from WebAssign, we recognize there are instances where Adobe Flash is appearing in select older editions and content. If you happen to discover Flash content in your course, please report it to your Sales Representative and they will either provide timing for removal or next steps.